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Pastor Sandra Spaulding has been with Bottskill since September 2006. She is active in the Greenwich Community as a leader for the Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship Inc., the ComfortFood Community Outreach Committee and a member of the Town of Greenwich Ethics Committee . She also is a volunteer at the Greenwich Food Pantry and an Aftercare Volunteer for Upstate Jail Ministries.  She currently serves as a member of the American Baptist Churches of NYS Board of Mission. In March of 2014 she traveled to Grand Goave, Haiti to work with a team of volunteers building rubble houses to replace those destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. In 2016 she traveled again to Haiti as part of a medical mission.  She has recently completed the Nehemiah Leadership Network Program. Each Sunday, she leads us in worship and inspires and educates us with her lively sermons. 


The congregation came home to Bottskill on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

The congregation came home to Bottskill on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

About the Bottskill Building repair Project...

In the Spring of 2017, during a Lenten service, one of our members observed a problem with a cornice piece over the sanctuary. It appeared to have dropped four inches. Upon further investigation, we discovered that one of the five roof trusses had slipped from its moorings and rested on the side wall. Two other trusses were badly damaged and in need of repair as well. The church building, including the fellowship hall, which in so many ways serves the Greenwich community, was deemed unsafe and closed until repairs could address the structural issues.

After a thoughtful and detailed review of engineer’s reports and estimates, it was determined that the repair would cost $250,000. In the Summer of 2017, after much deliberation, prayer, and discussion, the congregation voted to save the church building – it’s served as home to Bottskill Baptist Church since 1865, a mission center and community recourse for dozens of local organizations, a fixture in the Greenwich skyline, and a historic landmark on Church Street.

The damaged trusses, 55 feet long and bearing the weight of the slate roof, have been jacked back into place and metal gussets fabricated and installed at the joints of all the trusses. Parts of the church roof and ceiling were taken apart for access. The downstairs fellowship hall and kitchen area were significantly impacted as well, due to the necessary supports needed to safely work on the roof.

We are incredibly humbled by the outpouring of community support that allowed us to repair the building that has served for over 152 years as a religious and community meeting place and resource. While construction is still underway on the lower level of the building, we are overjoyed to be once again worshipping in the newly repaired sanctuary. Once repairs are complete we look forward to celebrating with the community that made this all possible. Until then, we invite all who are interested to visit us for worship service on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 the Bottskill Congregation, friends, and members of the community joined together to celebrate 250 years of the church's ministry. Noted along the way: the church's history with abolition, welcoming Frederick Douglas to speak; sending a pastor to the Burma mission field in the 19th century and friendship with Karen refugees coming to Utica in the 21st century. Thank you to all who joined us to make this such a memorable event!